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Kayaking, your gateway to serenity

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Best Kayaking Adventures in Goa

A kayak is a short, narrow boat propelled by a double-bladed paddle. Since this is a human-powered watercraft, kayaking in goa becomes an activity that gives an adrenaline pump and also soothes a person. Kayaking is a unique water sport which is getting popular among people of different age groups these days. Paddling around rivers, back waters and the sea is a fulfilling activity for many adventures as well as peace seekers.

Kayak came into existence as it was necessity for fishermen, but today kayaking is a source of entertainment and adventure. Since Kayaking is mostly a solo activity (sometimes couple kayaks too are available) where one goes around exploring the beauty of serene places. This solo venture gives a sense of achievement too.

Kayaking in Goa is really special. Rivers like Mandovi, Chapora, Nerul, and Zuari, the backwaters and the sea create a wide range of experiences for Kayakers. Many routes under the sunny, blue sky enchant nature lovers. Those who wish to explore a little more with their Kayaks have the liberty to venture into Mangroves. Some waterbodies here are full of colourful waterlilies and lotuses which garner a lot of attention. 

The ideal weather for Kayaking is when the sky is clear and the sun is shining and the breeze is moderate. It could be done during any time of the day. The most exciting slots for Kayaking are during Sunrise and Sunset. Some also prefer going of moonlit Kayaking but that’s done can be done by intermediate level Kayakers with proper planning.


Minimum Entry age

10+ years

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Chapora, Moira, Sal and Nerul


Skill level

Non swimmer


Dive Duration

90 Mins

Kayaking Details

Chapora-Magroove: This is the best route for beginners. The gentle channels of the Chapora River make it an appropriate place to go kayaking. It will not be an exaggeration if this route is called the most scenic spot for kayaking in North Goa. Kayaking in Chapora is highly recommended. The lush green surroundings and hundreds of colourful birds add serenity to the experience. Historical sites like Chapora Fort are also visible on the way, and you might also be greeted by local fishermen fishing in their tiny traditional boats on the way.

Sal Backwaters: Sal Backwaters is one of the best places to go kayaking. It is a kind of network of lagoons and creeks. These water bodies are home to a variety of aquatic species and birds. IT’s surreal when you are paddling surrounded by beautiful lotuses and water lilies. Many exotic-looking birds chirp at the background. If you are lucky, you might end up spotting otters, too.

Mandovi: Kayaking in Mandovi gives a glimpse of Goan lifestyle. The experience of kayaking here is a blend of rustic and modern Goa. This route takes you through tiny villages where one can see temples, fishermen’s boats, and casinos, giving you a more urban side of the state.

Morning,Sunest, Moonlit Kayaking: Nature looks different at different times of the day, hence the experience of Kayaking changes based on the time slot one chooses. Morning kayaking feels auspicious and motivating. It sets the right tone for the day. Sunset kayaking has a more romantic shade. Couples usually choose this time slot. Though moonlit kayaking has a romantic vibe too but it has some thrilling factor too. In the night the when the moonlight dazzles the water the terrain looks mysteriously beautiful.


Moira: A picturesque root for Kayaking that’s popular for bird watching as well. Paddling around big beautiful lotuses is pure pleasure. Sun set looks surreal on this route hence many couples choose this route for their romantic getaway. You can also venture into mangroves when you kayak in Moira.

Special routes: Some operators provide curated routes based on customers' interests.

Mangrove/Lotus Kayaking in North & South Goa

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Sit-on-Top Kayaks with paddle and backrest
Safety Boat
Training session
Mineral Water Bottle
Hand Sanitizer
Life jackets
Certified guides/instructors
Equipment rental


swimwear or T-Shirt & Shorts
Sun cream, hat, sunglasses
Hand Sanitizer




Our Kayaking Package

Note: GST is separately charged (GST: 5%)


We have made the booking really easy for our customers. You may book online through our website or by pinging us on the phone numbers given.


To reserve your slot, you have to pay 30% of the total amount in advance


If you want to kayak at the weekend, make sure to book at least 4 days prior to the activity date


If you want to kayak on weekdays, make sure to book at least 2 days prior to the activity date.


The company has a right to deny boarding if the participant is found late, drunk, misbehaving etc.

Let’s kayak to serene places

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 Safety measures for Kayaking in Goa

At Explore Watersports safety of our customers is of prime importance. Here are a few safety measures that must be followed when doing kayaking

  • Listen to the instructor carefully during the orientation session

  • Learn the gestures and signs that you may need to communicate with the fellow kayakers

  • Wear a life jacket. Do not venture in a kayak without wearing your safety gear as that might be life threatening

  • Stick to the route planned by the operator, it’s not a good idea to follow your heart in unknown waterbodies

  • Make sure that the operator provides a rescue kayak for emergency situations

  • If you weigh more than 110 kgs, inform the operator and check if they have a kayak that is appropriate for your weight

  • Do not carry unnecessary baggage with you as kayaks are too narrow to carry thing

Cancellation  & Refund Policy

  • Can a non-swimmer safely go for scuba diving?
    Yes, all non-swimmers can go scuba diving as safely as swimmers can.
  • What is the length of the video and number of photographs?
    Underwater photographs can be as many you like and the length of the video will be about 2 minute.
  • What is the weight that one carries on their body during the dive?
    The weight of the equipments on the body during the dive will be around 10 kg. Our instructors will teach you and make you comfortable with the equipments during the training session.
  • Can a person tag along the dive with a friend and not participate in the activity?
    Yes, a friend can accompany on the boat and not participate in the activity by paying Rs. 1500.
  • Do you provide a certificate?
    Yes, on request.
  • What is the minimum eligible age for scuba diving?
    The minimum age is 10 years old for all water sports activity.
  • How deep is the dive?
    The depth of the dive is about 30-40 feet down.
  • I am a certified diver, do you have a package for me?
    Yes, we have a special package for certified divers. For further details you may get in touch with us at +91 7507360292.
  • What is the visibility in the sea?
    Visibility is satisfactory. (8-10 feet)
  • Do I need a swimming costume for the dive?
    A swimming costume is not mandatory, carrying an extra pair of clothing that does not restrict your body movement should suffice.
  • Is there a changing room and a bathroom?
    Yes, If you take Premium Diving Package. your training will be held at a private beach resort where shower rooms and changing rooms are available.
  • Can I go scuba diving without my glasses on and I don’t have a lens too?
    Yes, you may go scuba diving without your glasses/lenses. The experience will still be enjoyable for you as visibility underwater always increases.
  • What is the difference between the Explore Scuba Diving and Explore Premium Scuba Diving?
    The major difference between the two is the underwater dive duration which has been increased up to 40 minutes from 20 and Premium dive comes with Pool Training.
  • Is it okay to travel by air after the dive?
    It is recommended that one does not travel through air 24 hours before and after the dive.
  • Is it safe?
    Your safety is our top most priority. We have PADI certified instructors to train you and guide you through your dive. The scuba equipment is not outsourced but owned by the company and is constantly checked and maintained by our team. During the dive a personal instructor will be right by your side to guide you. We also have a team of rescue divers stationed near you to get you out of water within a matter of seconds in case needed. We follow international guidelines of safety and training so you can relax and enjoy the underwater sea world.
  • Is there a pick up and drop facility?
    No, but we may be able to arrange it with an additional cost.
  • How long do we stay at the waterfall?
    The visit to the Dudhsagar waterfall is about one and half hour long.
  • Are children allowed at the waterfall?
    Yes, accompanied with their parents or legal guardians.
  • What is the vehicle of transportation?
    In the shared vehicle package, the vehicle is a tempo traveller. In case it is a private tour, the vehicle is generally a sedan or a SUV.
  • What is the best time to visit Dudhsagar waterfall?
    The best time to visit Dudhsagar Waterfall is months between October to May.
  • Do we need to bring along something?
    You may carry sunscreen, shades, an extra pair of clothing, caps/hats, comfortable footwear etc.
  • What is Kayaking?
    Kayaking is a fun water sport activity. It involves the use of a kayak, a narrowboat with a double-blade paddle to move on water. A kayaker is supposed to navigate through the waterways by sitting face-forward and marching ahead with alternating side-to-side paddle strokes.
  • What is a kayak?
    It is a light weighted, yellow colored, elongated small boat which is thrusted by a double-bladed oar.
  • Where is this activity held?
    This activity is held on the backwaters of Goan rivers.
  • Is swimming mandatory?
  • Can a beginner learn kayaking in first go?
    Yes definitely!
  • How many people sit in one kayak?
    One kayak accommodates one person.
  • What should I wear for kayaking in Goa?
    Avoid cotton because it absorbs water and stays wet. seek quick-drying fabrics instead (Dry fit or wetsuit) Paddling booties are ideal because they are lightweight, water-ready, and protect the toes & bottoms of feet. Any footwear that does the same work will be fine. Avoid anything without a back strap like flip-flops, they can come off easily. You can wear hats & gloves to protect yourself from the sun and blisters.
  • What should one bring along?
    One may carry sunscreen, sunglasses and an extra pair of clothing
  • Can I tip over?
  • Can I climb back up?
    Yes easily.
  • Is this activity safe?
    Yes, you are safe unless you disregard the instructor’s directions. For your safety you will be provided with life jackets and a safety boat looking out for you.
  • Where is this activity held?
    It is located in North Goa.
  • What is the cost of kayaking services in Goa?
    The cost of a kayaking excursion in Goa ranges from INR 1200 to INR 2499/- per person.
  • What are the health and fitness requirements for kayaking in Goa?
    Kayaking is a simple activity. It just requires moderate overall fitness.
  • What safety measures are in place during kayaking in Goa?
    Kayaking is done in a safety gear and a safety kayak in around if help is required.
  • Are kayaking sessions guided by instructors?
  • Any weight restrictions for kayaking participants?
    100 kgs is allowed for a recreational Kayak. If you are above 100 kgs, its better to inform the operator prior, so that they might be able to arrange a different kayak for you.
  • Are there any specific weather conditions that may affect kayaking sessions?
    Yes, in extreme rain and stormy conditions water bodies get affected hence considering the safety norms Kayaking activities get postponed or cancelled.
  • Where is this located?
    This activity is located in the northern extension of Goa. (Panaji, is enquired)
  • Is this a beach activity?
    No, it is a backwater-based activity.
  • Is it safe for non- swimmers?
    100% safe.
  • Do you provide pictures?
    No, currently we do not provide this service
  • Can I customize this package according to me?
    No, this is an all-inclusive package and can’t be customized.
  • What time is the lunch served in both the slots?
    Lunch will be served around 1.30 pm in the morning slot. Lunch will be served around 2.30 - 3.00 pm in the evening slot.
  • Is there a pick and drop service available?
    Yes, Pick up and drop may be provided on request from on an additional cost for specific locations only, these are: Arpora Baga Calangute Candolim
  • What is flyboarding?
    Flyboarding is an extreme sport to perform hydroflying. In this the rider stands on the fly board which is then powered by a jet ski thrusting it upwards through air and water.
  • Where is it located?
    The activity is based towards northern extension of Goa. As soon as the booking is confirmed you’ll be provided with the reporting location.
  • Is this is a beach activity?
    No, fly boarding happens on backwaters as waves of the beach will make it difficult for beginners to balance.
  • Will I be able to balance myself on the fly board?
    Yes, typically every beginner is able to balance his/her self within the first five minutes on the fly board.
  • Do you provide photography with flyboarding?
    No, we can assist photo on mobile camera.
  • Is it safe for non-swimmers too? I am also scared of drowning in water.
    Yes, swimming is not a mandatory skill required in this sport. You will be provided life jacket, so even if you splash into water, you will be floating over the surface. Flyboarding is more fun than scary. A must do activity in Goa!
  • What is wave surfing?
    Wave surfing is a water sport where a wave rider or the surfer rides on a moving wave on the surfboard, which carries the surfer to the shore of the sea.
  • Is swimming mandatory for wave surfing?
  • Are there any life jackets available? What are the safety measures?
    No, there are no life jackets involved while surfing the waves. In view of safety, as long as you follow your instructors’ directives, you are safe. The instructor will be personally looking after your safety and training.
  • Will I be able to learn surfing in these two hours?
    Chances are bright. If not, you will definitely learn to balance yourself on the surfboard gliding over the sea waves and end up having a lot of fun.
  • Are the waves too wild?
    The waves are selected by the instructor depending upon the skill level of the participants. For beginners waves selected will never be wild.
  • What is the appropriate outfit for the activity?
    Swimsuit/body suit (preferably one piece)
  • Is there any other beginner package available to enhance my surfing skills?
    Yes, there is a 3-day beginner surfing course available. The price of which is 2000/day for 3 days.
  • Is there a washroom available?
    Yes, there are washrooms available and a café for refreshments.
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