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A Guide to Scuba Diving in Goa in 2023

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

When someone talks about water sports in India, they are usually referring to SCUBA diving in Goa. Goa is the water sports capital of India; hence you will be able to find a range of water sports here. While some people like to do some beach activities, there are many who wish to explore the depths of the ocean, therefore decide to dive in the serene waters of the Arabian Sea in Goa.

About Scuba diving in Goa: When you try to search online for the operators for SCUBA diving in Goa, you might find tons of them. It’s the same when you are walking in the streets of Goa. Every nuke and corner is full of tiny little shops where they are selling the water activities like Parasailing, Jet-Ski rides, Banana rides, etc. But the hero of all these activities is SCUBA diving. Everybody who comes to Goa has that urge to go diving and if not at the first time, they try doing it the second time they come here. Many adventure enthusiasts and water babies come every year to Goa just to take a dive and explore the blue ocean a little more.

If you are one of them, then this article is surely for you.

What is the ideal time to go scuba diving in Goa?

It’s a commonly asked question and the simple and straight answer to that is -between Mid-October to Mid-April. The reason behind having the SCUBA season only for about 6 months is our beloved monsoon. India falls in the category of monsoon region and though the monsoon arrives at the doorstep somewhere around June, it starts knocking at the door from Late April. This is the time when the Trade winds get stronger and we can see the power of the wind reflecting in the sea waves. from this time, our endearing sea gets moody and choppy. During April it has some calm days, but since the weather shows a lot of mood swings the activities tend to get canceled a lot. This is the reason, activities like SCUBA diving cannot be conducted post mid-April.

Once the pre-monsoon showers start hitting the grounds with full force, the sea really gets rough. Since the huge movement of the waterbody stirs the waters, no boats are allowed in the sea and you will see all the vessels docked at Panjim jetty. It’s intriguing to see the boats huddling around like geese in the rain.

How should I prepare myself for Goa scuba diving?

Get ready to embrace joy: There is always a bit of anxiousness before you do something exciting. Think about your first experience of facing the audience, or when you were waiting in the wing for your entry on the stage in a play. The activity that gives us thrill often gives us some positive stress. Experts call it a positive sign, as this positive anxiousness leads us to better performance. So, just throw away all the inhibitions, and open your arms for an enchanting experience that you are going to cherish for life.

Prior booking: Book your slots for SCUBA diving in Goa to avoid disappointment. Many times people try to book activities at the last moment, as a result, they have to opt for ‘not so good’ operators.

There is a difference between SCUBA diving and just taking a dip in the sea. Some operators go 4 feet below the surface, get photos clicked and bring you back and call it SCUBA diving (This isn’t what SCUBA diving is.). But the real good operators will take you to the right spots, with the right training and you can do the diving for almost 20 minutes. For this kind of good diving experience, you must book your activities online, even before you come to Goa. The internet has made it easy to book water sports in Goa, from the comforts of your home.

Don’t party a night prior: People come to Goa for fun and frolicking, but one must restrain from partying a night prior to your SCUBA diving slot. It’s important that you are alert while diving, hence it’s a prerequisite that you are well-rested. Any form of intoxication should be avoided as it affects the diving experience. The operators also have a right to deny boarding, if you are found drunk or under the spell of any drug as it’s illegal.

Famous Scuba Diving Sites in Goa

Goa is a beautiful green state. At the same time, the Arabian Sea casts it’s blue spell everywhere, and on everyone. There are many scuba diving spots in Goa. Here are a few for your reference

Grande Island: Only a few operators get permission to dive at the Grande Island. The visibility here is the USP of diving at this place. Since only a few operators are allowed to conduct SCUBA diving here, the water stays clear through the day and you are able to witness a lot of beautiful, colorful aquatic species around

Suzy’s Wreck: In 1930, 130 meters metal cargo ship sank around Grande Island. The wreck of the ship is still there on the shallow ocean bed and you can see this submerged ship which now has turned into the home for many fishes like barracuda, lionfish, squids and angelfish. You will also be able to observe the growth of aquatic plants on the wreckage. The water at this spot is calm and it’s thrilling to go around the wreckage. People find it exciting to witness this huge ship. The place is a good spot for clicking under-water pictures

Davy Jones Locker: This is another wreckage that divers like to visit, but this diving spot is usually explored by advanced-level diver. A huge, old propeller is resting here. Like Suzy’s wreck, this wreckage has become home to many fishes. You will often find yourself accompanied by large schools of banner fish here.

UmmaGumma Reef: You heard it right. That’s the name of one of the SCUBA diving spots in Goa. This place is named after one of the Pink Floyd albums as you can compare the beauty of this place with visual music. This site is music to people’s eyes. You find an old anchor and discarded shells here, that have turned into objects providing settlements to many water plants and tons of beautiful fishes. You can also find cabbage coral here.

Prices for Scuba Diving in Goa:

Don’t get fooled by low prices when it comes to SCUBA diving. You will find people selling SCUBA for 1000 -1200 INR. At this price, there is no safety protocols followed and your experience will be more of surface swimming than SCUBA diving. SCUBA diving is going at least 20 feet below the surface, which is possible only with good operators. They will take you to places where you see, corals, reefs, fishes, wreckage etc. Their equipment are standard, divers are PADI certified, and most importantly they follow all the safety norms. Since all this involve high operational cost, their SCUBA price is somewhere between INR 2000/- to 2500/-. Remember that your life is precious, and your health cannot be compromised, therefore just to save some money do not do this thrilling activity with random operators.

Goa SCUBA diving is surely a lifetime experience when done with the right operator who follows all the safety norms and has the required licenses.

Before signing off I should also highlight that a non-swimmer too can-do SCUBA diving without any difficulties in Goa. Your non-swimmer status can’t be a hindrance in your dream of diving.

So, plan well, land safe, and get ready to dive!

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