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Best Scuba Diving Packages in Goa 2023 - Duration, Location, and Cost

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

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The great allure of the waters of Goa makes tourists travel to Goa to venture into the waters, sand, and the sun. It is a true adventure. Among them, all the adventures in scuba diving really stand out as an experience that is enthralling.

Through Scuba diving in Goa, you will experience the great underwater life in the Arabian Sea. If you are planning a trip to Goa this season, then we will guide you with the best scuba diving packages in Goa to all the necessary details like the Duration, location, and cost as well. Let’s start.

Choosing the Perfect Package Duration

When you are selecting the right Scuba diving packages in Goa choosing the right package according to you is important. The diving packages depend upon the amount of dives you take and the packages are generally in the form of 1-day or 2-Day or 3-Days.

  • 1-day package: The One-day package is a great option for beginners or people who want to spend a limited time in water. These packages have an introductory dive. It is a great way to start the underwater adventure without the extra commitment of extended diving days.

  • 2-day package: For those people who want a great and immersive experience of the underwater, the 2-day package is a great choice. You have the option to choose different diving sites, refine your skills and become more comfortable underwater.

  • 3-day Package: If you are really passionate about Scuba diving, the 3-day package is for you. You can really explore the underwater world of Goa and the true aquatic wonders as well. It helps with improving your skills and also provides diving at different underwater locations as well.

The Choice of the package will change the Scuba Diving Goa price and it depends upon your interest, time, and experience as well.

Prime Scuba Diving Locations in Goa

After you have decided on the package of your choice and the duration you want, let’s look at the top scuba diving locations in Goa that really cater to every level of diving. Here are the top spots here:

Grand Island

One of the most popular diving locations in Goa with greatly diverse marine life and waters that are crystal clear. This site is famous among both experienced and beginner-level divers.

Suzy’s Wreck

If you want to explore a sunken shipwreck, then Suzy’s Wreck is for you. Located nearby to Grand Island, this site is famous among shipwreck enthusiasts.

Shelter Cove

Famous for its beautiful type coral formations and marine life that’s really vibrant, the Shelter Cove is great for underwater photography.

Bat Island

This site is famous for the devil rays, making it a great choice among advanced-level divers.

Davy Jones’ Locker

This is the true pinnacle for divers who are experienced. The different levels of currents are only for people who have advanced diving certifications.

Factors Affecting Scuba Diving Costs

These are the factors that affect the Scuba Diving price in Goa and some other aspects:

Dive Sites and Locations

The different sites for diving have different prices. The more easily accessible the location and the more popular it is, for example, the Grande Island, the packages are more affordable. Also, if the location is far away or difficult to get to, the diving cost will increase because of transportation and equipment costs.

Diving Packages and Inclusions

The different inclusions can increase the cost of the package. The standard packages include boat ride costs, equipment, and instructor fees. The inclusion of underwater photography and videography can increase the cost. Review the package carefully to avoid unexpected fees.

Dive Duration and Depth

Longer duration dives or dives at deeper depths require special equipment, and air supply, along with the instructor's cost, which increases the cost of the package. Special dives like ship wreckage or deeper diving increase the cost of diving.

Types of Diving Certifications

The Certifications can also influence the cost of the Scuba Diving rate in Goa.

Open Water Diver

This level of certification is for beginners and it allows a maximum depth of 18 meters. The cost includes instructor and certification fees.

Advanced open-water diver

For those people who want to go to the deeper waters, this certification is essential. It has a higher cost but provides for more diving sites and opportunities.

Specialty certifications

The specialty certifications are needed when you want to do wreckage diving, night diving, or underwater photography. These certifications have higher level costs.

Local Operators vs. International Chains

You have the option of choosing the International chains or local operators when choosing the Scuba diving packages in Goa. The local operators will provide a more authentic experience that can be personalized whereas the international chains provide a standard experience.

The prices between the two can vary. Research before choosing the packages of any service.

Seasonal Pricing Fluctuations

When the season is at its peak, prices will be much higher as the water is clear and better for diving. If you want the lower prices, visit Goa during the off-season for diving.

Booking Your 2023 Goa Scuba Diving Package

If you are looking for the best Scuba Diving Goa price and searching for the best packages, then it’s a very straightforward process. Read different reviews and compare the packages along with finding the hidden costs and additional fees.

Ensure that the operator follows the highest safety protocols and has the latest and well-maintained equipment. Don’t hesitate to ask different questions and state your preferences.

Before booking, check the cancellation costs and policies. Always double-check the dates and inclusion costs etc. It’s better to buy travel insurance that includes scuba diving as well.


The Best scuba diving packages in Goa can provide you with an adventurous experience. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level diver with this blog you will have all the required information and it also helps to find the best Scuba Diving cost in Goa.

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