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Watching the sunset during the "Golden Hour"

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Sunset Cruise Goa

When the sun starts going down, do you know where you should be? You should be on a cruise in Goa. Yes, the experience is so mesmerizing that everyone must have it at least once. And to be honest once is never enough. Sitting on the beach when you see a sunset cruise in Goa, you’ll see the silhouette of a boat against a backdrop of pink and orange skies with tons of shades. The water looks golden orange as the sun's rays dance on the ripples and make it shimmer. As the sun starts going down slowly, sometimes you might even see the moon rising, making it all the more romantic.

Now think of the moment when you became part of this whole scene. When you board a sunset cruise and sail in the beautiful waters of Mondovi, the whole experience gets much more impactful. Angela Abraham has described the sun setting as the ‘sweetest soul blush’. So apt; the sunset can really create that magic, and with the splash of colors in the sky, your soul might blush.

To feel the soul blush, you must travel and hop on the best cruise in Goa. You will find many boat parties and cruise parties in Goa, but choose a good operator who can provide you with a good cruising experience.

The Top Goa Locations for Sunset Cruises

The most popular location for a sunset cruise in Goa is the Mondovi River. You can be picked up from various jetties in Panjim and nearby places, but the stretch of your cruise is usually the same. When you board for the sunset cruise around 5 p.m., you get to see some mind scenery. The mesmerizing, breathtaking, and mysterious mangroves are something people enjoy watching. Giving you the feel of a parallel world, these thick mangroves imprint their charm on your minds forever. While cruising around and enjoying nature and the beautiful colors of the sky, you also get a good glimpse of Goa’s cityscape. Considering the blend of modern and old Portuguese architecture found in Goa, the cityscape is purely artistic. You will also be able to see the casinos, as they too are situated in huge vessels. Once the sun goes down and the sky turns dark, the lights of the casinos shine brightly.

Remember, the sunset cruise is not only about the scenic beauty of nature; it’s also about the vibe on the cruise.

Usually, Sunset cruising goes on for a couple of hours. Some evening cruises in Goa are for an hour too. If an hour or two is too short for you to enjoy, then you may have to book a separate cruise tour. In such cases, you can choose the duration and ask the operator to arrange the tour your way.

Whether you want to go on a specially curated cruise party or wish to arrange personal or corporate events on the cruise, you just have to call us at +91 7507360292. We can also help you book regular cruise tours on the same number.

Luxury cruises are a little expensive, but they are within our reach when there is a group that wants to go cruising together. You will have a super suave yacht or boat of your choice, and trust me, it’s one of the best experiences a person could buy for themselves. Such cruises can be booked for a longer period of time. You may start a little before the sunset, and after enjoying the sunset, have a nice dinner under the night sky. Believe me, you can have a high-class fine-dining experience on board, as some yachts are made for lavish living.

Tips for a Sunset Cruise:

Book in advance:

Your cruise party in Goa should be booked even before you land there. Many times people wait until the last minute, and they have to face disappointment. It’s a great experience, and to make it so, operators need to prepare a lot of stuff, like making playlists of your choice or hiring someone for live music, arranging a perfect meal, curating a route in the case of a private cruise, etc. You may discuss all these things with the operator beforehand so that everything on the cruise will be of your choice.

Check the safety standards:

When you call the operator to book the cruise, ask about their policy regarding the safety of the cruise. They have to have life jackets, life-buoys, and other advanced equipment on the boat, for the safety of the people on board. Refuse to board the boat if you don’t see them following safety protocols.

Follow the safety instructions:

Of course, it’s a fun ride, but happiness doubles when safety norms are followed. Safety is the priority at Explore Watersports; hence, follow all the instructions given by the captain.

Picture perfect:

To capture your perfect moments, you may want to have someone click on excellent pictures. Of course, everybody has a camera on their phones, but if you wish to have a bird's-eye view of pictures and videos, then a drone is required. Your operators can provide you with that if you book your slots prior.

Choose your route:

Mondovi offers the best river cruise in Goa. Cruising under the Atal Setu is like watching a man-made marvel in the lap of nature. But apart from the river, you may also opt for island cruises. There are a few picturesque islands in the state of Goa, and if you hire a private cruise, you can take a day’s trip to these islands on a cruise. You may cruise to the island, anchor the boat for a bit, do snorkeling, do scuba diving, take a swim, enjoy the view, and start cruising again while sipping and snacking.

Price and experience go hand in hand:

You may find cruises or boat parties at a very cheap price too, but the experience you are looking for might be missing from those. A cozy ride with your loved ones could cost a little more, but you will cherish the memories for a lifetime. Curated sunset cruise parties are expensive, as the whole scenic experience is enjoyed on a cushion of luxury. You may talk to the operators, understand the deal, bargain a little, and try to strike the best deal for yourselves.

What are you waiting for? You can go cruising almost throughout the year, so you can just block an approaching weekend, and let the miraculous sunset blush your soul.

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