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Water Sports Safety: Tips for a Secure Adventure in Goa

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

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Adventure sports in Goa are thrilling without a doubt, but the combination of thrill and safety works wonders. It’s important to do all the water activities or other adventure sports in a secure way. That’s why, when you book your activities with the sports operator, you should keep a few things in mind.

Choosing Licensed and Certified Water Sports Operators in Goa

It’s very important to do any activities with a licensed water sports operator. The companies that are authorized to do adventure sports often follow all the safety norms and are more responsible when it comes to serving customers.

It’s not rocket science to find a reputed water sports operator. Here are a few techniques to find a licensed operator:

  • Check their Google rating and contact those who are above 4.6.

  • Call the given numbers and talk to the executive. Ask all the questions you and your group have. See if the executive tries to answer your questions with sincerity.

  • Ask if they have enough safety equipment for activities

  • Check if they provide PADI-certified trainers for scuba diving

  • Ask if orientation or training is a part of the activity.

  • Confirm if the company has a rescue plan in case of an emergency

  • Visit the website of the company and check photographs of the activities to check if safety norms were followed

The Importance of Safety Equipment: A Guide for Water Sports Enthusiasts

When you go for the activity at the beach, remember to check if there is enough safety equipment for everyone. Rather, the safety equipment should be greater than the number of participants. You must see if the following lifesaving appliances are on the boat:

  • Life jackets: Life jackets are the most important piece of equipment when it comes to doing water sports. Though the operators instruct you to wear the safety gear, It’s your own responsibility to wear the life jacket all the time. Choose a life jacket that fits you well. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

  • Helmets: Some activities, like rafting, require a person to wear a helmet. Helmets are necessary for some higher-risk water sports. Choose one that fits you well.

  • Safety harness: In some adventure activities, safety harnesses are mandatory. When you wear them, take a minute to see if the harnesses are properly worn and comfortable. Don’t rush into activities without checking your harnesses.

  • Lifebuoys: The ring floats are usually available on the boats and are used for emergency situations; hence, they are at an accessible point.

Weather and Tide Considerations: Planning Your Water Activities in Goa

It’s a good idea to consider the weather forecast when you plan your vacation for water-based activities. The sea gets affected by winds and rain, and sometimes when the red alert is raised, activities close down.

It’s also advisable to check the high tide warnings when you go to the beach for activities. Sometimes people don’t take such warnings seriously and argue with the operators for canceling the activities, but remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Keep the following things in mind for a safe and happy water sports experience:

  • Check the weather forecast and reschedule activities well in advance.

  • Check the tide alerts raised by the coast guard when on the beach.

  • Do not panic because of the sudden rough weather or high tides.

  • Cooperate with the operator during the situation. Do not get hyper, and avoid standing or moving too much on the boat.

  • Keep wearing your life jacket till you get off the boat.

  • Have preparedness for emergency situations when doing adventure activities (such situations are rare, but one must be mentally prepared).

Know Your Limits: Skill and Fitness Assessment

When it comes to doing water activities, it’s an enjoyable experience but exhausting too, especially for those who aren’t fit. Once you decide to do activities like SCUBA, Kayaking, Rafting, surfing, etc., start preparing yourself. Like a trekker who starts walking every day in preparation for a trek, you too should start walking, swimming, or engaging in any fitness activities possible. That will help you be underwater for a good amount of time, or you will be able to use oars efficiently when kayaking. So you must assess your own fitness level so that you can improve it and enjoy the adventure more.

  • Know your fitness level.

  • See the doctor if you have any health-related problems and get permission for certain extreme sports.

  • Eat well, sleep enough, and exercise regularly so that you can enjoy watersports without getting tired.

  • Tell the operator about your health issues when you book the activities.

If your doctor has prohibited you from doing certain activities, then please avoid them.

Ensuring Safety for Children in Water Sports

Children under 10 aren’t allowed to do certain water sports, but they are allowed to accompany you on the boat. Make sure your child follows all the rules and wears safety gear. It’s natural for children to get curious when on a boat, but we must try to curb that curiosity for their own safety. When there is a child boarding the boat with you, do the following:

  • Inform the operator about a child as a companion when you make the booking.

  • Carry a government-issued ID to cross-check the child’s age.

  • Let the operator know if the child has certain health issues.

  • Prepare the child mentally so that he will be taken care of by the supervisor when you go for an activity.

Carry some favorite snacks for your child that he can have between lunch and snacks.

Emergency Preparedness: What to Do in Case of an Accident

People tend to hit the panic button if there is an emergency situation. When we are on land, it’s easier to run a rescue operation, but on water, people need to stay calm and cooperate with the supervisor to carry out the rescue. Following are a few things one must remember during an emergency situation:

  • Stay calm

  • Do not pick a fight with the operator in such a situation; that might make the situation worse.

  • Follow the safety protocols explained in the orientation session.

  • Remember, you will be rescued soon, as there is always a rescue team available.

  • Help each other sail through the situation.

  • Do not hurry to get on board the rescue boat. The boats aren’t meant for too much movement.

  • Help the supervisors carry out the rescue operation.

Use your communication devices if the operator asks for your help

Safe and Sound: Unleash Adventure with Exploring Water Sports in Goa"

Explore Watersports is a company that is known for following safety norms. The supervisors and divers are strict and do not tolerate any activity on board that might compromise the safety of the passengers. The equipment used is selected according to international norms, the divers are PADI certified, and the activities done in collaboration are done with licensed operators.

We care for your safety, and that’s the reason we're posting this detailed information. If you have any doubts about safety and security regarding adventure sports, do not hesitate to write us at or +917507360292

Adventure is following safety norms; anything, where safety is ignored, is recklessness.

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