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Tips for a Successful and Memorable Kayaking Experience in Goa

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Introduction to Kayaking in Goa: What You Need to Know before You Go

Adventure kayaking experience in goa

Social media motivates travel and adventure enthusiasts to try out different activities. Kayaking is a water activity that is garnering a lot of attention from people across the globe. People have started travelling to Goa for the beautiful Arabian Sea, rivers, and backwaters that provide a favorable environment for kayaking.

Kayaking began as a necessity for fishermen, but today this activity is seen as a source of entertainment and adventure. Since one has to go cruising around on their own, people often get a sense of achievement after completing the journey. The best part of kayaking in Goa is that it takes place in nature's lap. Whichever route you choose, you will find a clear blue sky, golden sunshine, and green mangroves or colorful lotuses and water lilies. You will click hundreds of picture-perfect scenes to upload to your Instagram feed.

A kayak is a short, narrow boat propelled by a double-bladed paddle. Since this is a human-powered watercraft, kayaking becomes an activity that gives an adrenaline rush and also soothes a person in Goa.

Top Kayaking Destinations in Goa

Goa offers a lot to kayakers: beautiful flora and fauna, colorful birds, traditional houses, and life. The safest and most beautiful routes for kayaking are in the rivers of Goa: the Chapora, the Zuari, the Mandovi, the Nerul, and the Sal backwaters. The description below will unfold what one gets to experience along the way.

Sal Backwaters:

Sal Backwaters is one of the best places to go kayaking. It is a kind of network of lagoons and creeks. These water bodies are home to a variety of aquatic species and birds. You will easily spot many colourful birds here. If you are lucky, you might end up spotting otters, too.


Kayaking in Mandovi gives you a glimpse of the Goan lifestyle. The experience of kayaking here is a blend of rustic and modern Goa. This route takes you through tiny villages where one can see temples, fishermen’s boats, and casinos, giving you a more urban side of the state.


This is the best route for beginners. The gentle channels of the Chapora River make it an appropriate place to go kayaking. It will not be an exaggeration if this route is called the most scenic spot for kayaking in North Goa. Kayaking in Chapora is highly recommended. The lush green surroundings and hundreds of colorful birds add serenity to the experience. Historical sites like Chapora Fort are also visible on the way, and you might also be greeted by local fishermen fishing in their tiny traditional boats on the way.

Special Routes:

Some operators provide curated routes based on customers' interests.

Tips and Tricks for a Safe and Enjoyable Kayaking Experience in Goa

For a safe and joyous experience of kayaking, one must follow the following rules and regulations:

Orientation: Listen carefully to the information regarding safety protocols given to you by the operator before you begin the activity. It will help you handle critical situations (though such situations are rare, it's always better to be attentive during the orientation session).

Sign language: Learn the basic gestures and signals used to communicate with your group members. Sometimes the water is too noisy, and you may need gestures to communicate.

Sit properly: There is a proper way to sit in a kayak. Listen to the operator and take your position, which will give you a comfortable experience.

Equipment: Like most adventure sports, kayaking too requires special equipment, i.e., a kayak, paddle, helmet, and life jacket. Do not get in the kayak without a helmet and a life jacket. Adventure is necessary, but safety comes first.

kayaking Equipment

Comfortable Clothes: If possible, wear a wet suit, as it is made for such activities. Clothes often get wet while kayaking, which could make one uncomfortable and spoil the fun of the activity. Avoid wearing flow and heavy garments.

Protect your gadgets: It is a good idea to protect your mobile phones and smart watches with waterproof covers. If your expensive gadgets get damaged during the activity, it will surely put a damper on the meal.


Binoculars and Camera: Carry a binocular and a camera if you are into bird watching. If used with proper caution, these electronic items can double your happiness.

The Best Time to Go Kayaking in Goa-

The best time for water activities in Goa is October to mid-April, and that's true for kayaking too. The water bodies are calmer post-monsoon, and the breeze is also light, which adds a lot of charm to kayaking. As Goa revolves and rotates around occupations like fishing and tourism, one gets a slice of Goa while they are paddling around the scenic routes. Most operators provide early morning and romantic sunset kayak tours that go for more than a couple of hours. Sometimes, adventure junkies also try kayaking during monsoons when the water isn’t calm. Though such activities are subject to permission, for beginners, it’s better to experience them during the proper season.

How to Choose the Right Kayaking Operator in Goa-

Kayaking is about leisure and doesn’t require any kind of premium facilities. Choose your operator based on the routes you wish to experience. First-time visitors must ask the operator about the various routes and their specialties. Kayaking is about leisure and doesn't require any kinds of premium facilities, the routes offered are important. When travelling in a large group, one may even ask for a special tour package and some discounts as well.

Check the Google rating of the operator and choose only those with ratings above 4 stars before you start calling them.

A low price isn’t always a good deal. The price for kayaking in Goa could be quoted differently. Many operators might lure you with lower pricing, but their equipment or services might not be of good quality. This is a one-of-a-kind experience, so don’t fall for low-priced deals.

Orientation of the whole activity is important for beginners; hence, check if the operator is providing it or not.

Safety protocol: Check if the operator follows all the safety protocols and provides you with safety gear. In no situation should one go ahead with the activity without wearing safety gear. Many operators don’t have brick-and-mortar offices in Goa, but their services are seamless, so don’t reject any operator just because they have only a virtual presence.

If you want to go best kayaking in goa, it’s time to start planning for coz time can really fly hence October will be here within no time,

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