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Master the Waves: Expert Tips and Techniques for Conquering Water Sports

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Water Sports / explore watersports

Water is therapeutic. That’s why, when people want to rejuvenate, they prefer to be by the seashore, on the bank of a river, or by the lake. The more adventurous prefer to be in the water, swimming or trying out a water sport.

The one thing that is very important when we are around water is following safety norms. You must have seen people getting into the waves on the beach despite a high tide red alert. It’s not a great idea to ignore safety measures when near or in the water.

Fish can live in water as long as they can breathe, but we human beings can’t do the same; hence, it’s important to stay safe when doing a water sport.

Importance of proper training and safety

training with explore water

We are all very well conversant when it comes to handling situations when on land, but since we aren’t that exposed to water bodies much, it’s important that we get properly trained before we do any water sports

At Explore Water Sports, the safety of our customers is our first priority; therefore, orientation on safety tips is given to people before they start the activity.

The first and most important safety tip is to wear a life jacket before boarding the boat. And the next important tip is to pay attention to the instructor when he or she is briefing you about the activity. The orientation or training usually tells you about the water sport and important signs or gestures essential to communicating when in the water. The training also includes demonstrations of the use of the apparatus.

Remember, water sports are fun when done safely.

Expert Tips and Techniques for Conquering the Best 4 Water Sports

Surfing: riding the perfect wave

Riding on waves is surely exciting. The feeling of conquering waves in this watersport makes a person feel the adrenaline rush. One must not forget to follow a few safety rules.

  • Get trained or oriented: Get trained by a certified supervisor before surfing, as the power of waves and currents are different everywhere.

  • Listen to the lifeguard: The lifeguards keep issuing warnings, and it’s important for a surfer to stay updated with those.

  • Tell a friend when you go surfing (it’s advisable to go surfing with a buddy).

  • Wear a wetsuit (if not, some comfortable clothes that fit you well), and don’t forget to wear a leash.

The supervisor will also tell you about the international distress signals or some gestures that are useful in a difficult situation. Listen to those carefully, and you are good to go.

Scuba Diving: Exploring the Underwater Realm

Goa is one of the most happening water sports destinations, and people come here to do scuba diving. Exploring the mesmerizing water kingdom is everyone’s dream, and to do that in a safe way, one should keep in mind the following safety tips:

  • Pay attention: Listen to your PADI-certified trainers carefully when they are training you regarding the equipment and diving. The training enhances the diving quality, which therefore adds a lot to your happiness quotient.

  • Never dive alone. Do not dive alone at the beginner level. Scuba is a buddy sport, and "Two for joy" is true for this sport too.

  • No alcohol: Avoid consuming alcohol, as it could have hazardous effects on you

  • Do not panic. It’s a safe sport and always done with a PADI-certified instructor; hence, do not panic. Just follow the instructions and enjoy your dive.

  • Health problems: If you have been facing some health issues, inform the instructor about them before diving.

The water world brings a lot of joy, so feel stress-free when the sea is calling.

Parasailing: Soaring to New Heights

Parasailing could be a metaphoric expression of life. At one point, you are high in the sky, and in a few minutes, you are down taking a dip in the water. That’s what makes this commonly seen water sport popular among tourists. It’s an integral part of all the water sports packages in Goa. Some expert tips to make this water sport exciting are as follows:

  • Life jacket: When you do parasailing, for the most part, you will be high in the sky, but since this activity takes place in a body of water and the parachute is attached to the boat, wearing a life jacket is mandatory.

  • Understand the activity: Get oriented by the operator about how high you will go and what precautions should be taken when you are dipped in the water (dipping is a chosen part of parasailing, and one may have to pay extra bucks for that).

  • Snugly clothes: It’s important to wear comfortable, snug clothes, and flowy clothes don’t go well with the high-intensity wind in the sea. Make sure you wear good-quality, well-fitting shoes for a comfortable landing.

  • No jewellery: Avoid wearing jewellery or accessories during this activity as you will be facing a lot of wind, swing, and water (if you opt for a dip) where you might lose your valuable piece of jewellery, or sometimes your jewellery might hurt you with bruises and cuts.

  • No alcohol: Avoid alcohol before this activity, as you might end up feeling nauseous.

Kayaking: Paddling Safety Tips

Kayaking is soothing. It's not considered an adventure sport in Goa unless it’s done in the sea or at night. Kayaking is mostly done in the rivers and backwaters, where you feel one with nature and find your rhythm when done in the right way. Kayaking is rarely sold as part of a water sports package as it’s done in places away from SCUBA diving spots or beaches.

If you want to cherish this beautiful memory of witnessing a sunset or sunrise from a kayak, you must learn the art of paddling safely and follow basic safety tips.

  • Monitor the weather: It’s vital to monitor the weather before planning the kayaking tour as tides swell rivers at times. Your operators will arrange your tours after careful consideration of the weather conditions, but it’s your responsibility too.

  • Life jackets: Time and again, we advise people to wear life jackets while doing all the water sports in Goa. The more colourful and high-visibility jackets you wear, the better for your safety.

  • Tell a friend: We often share our Uber ride tracking details with our loved ones so that they know our whereabouts. The same should be done about the kayaking tour too. Share your route and time frame with your friends or relatives.

  • Pay attention: When your operator trains you about some basic safety skills and self-rescue techniques, concentrate and learn them well.

  • Carry your phone for communication. Keep it safe from water.

  • Dress neat: Wear snug, comfortable clothes. Wet suits are the best.

  • No alcohol: Since kayaking needs control and balance, it is a good idea not to have alcohol before the activity.

We often have a lot of ifs and buts when it comes to following safety tips given by experts, especially in Goa. We feel everything is acceptable here, but that’s not true. Just remember that precaution is better than cure. Safety measures can make water sports more enjoyable, and they can enhance your performance as well.

So the next time you decide to do some water activities in Goa, I hope you think about the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

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