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Dive Safely,Dive Joyfully: Ultimate Guide to Scuba Diving Adventure Goa

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

scuba diving tips

How to prepare for your scuba diving trip

Preparation is the key to happy holidays. When you decide to come to Goa for SCUBA, you should plan well and avoid last-minute disappointments. Here are a few things you must remember while preparing:

Book your seat:

  • SCUBA diving is a craze amongst travellers across age groups; therefore, it is always a good idea to make bookings well in advance.

Visit your family doctor:

  • If you are suffering from any illnesses, then it’s better to visit the doctor and ask if you are allowed to go scuba diving.

family doctor

Pack your clothes:

  • If you book premium scuba, you get a wet suit for the activity, but otherwise, you must pack some comfortable clothes for the activity. Swimming shorts and a T-shirt are good for diving. Avoid clothes that are too tight or flowy.

Caps, shades, and sunscreen:

  • You have to sit in a boat waiting for your turn to dive, or after you are done diving, you may have to wait till others finish their activity. To protect yourself from the sun, you must wear a cap and goggles. You wouldn’t want to forget to carry your sunscreen, which is a necessity while travelling across Goa.

Snacks and water:

  • Though most operators provide snacks and lunch on the boat, it’s better to carry a light snack, a few chocolates, and a small bottle of water or energy drink to keep ourselves nourished when needed.

Read and research:

  • It’s a good idea to know what you've signed up for. Use a search engine to learn about diving in Goa. Check out what aquatic species you might come across while diving. It’s important for you to know that one can see shipwrecks, corals, and over 115 kinds of fish at Grande Island, where scuba diving adventure takes place.

Things that you must remember on the day of diving

Don’t eat or drink too much:

When we dive, it’s necessary to feel light; hence, avoid eating or drinking too much. Consuming alcohol is a strict no-no before diving.

No alcohol

Curb your freedom:

We all love to do things independently, as it gives a sense of independence and achievement. But curb that feeling of diving on your own without assistance. SCUBA diving is a buddy activity and is strictly done under the direct supervision of PADI-certified trainers.

Staying safe while diving:

SCUBA diving is a thrilling experience, but that doesn’t mean there is any scope for carelessness. Safety adds a lot to the thrill, so one must follow safety protocols.

Pay undivided attention to the Instructions:

Before you are taken to the diving point, PADI-certified divers orient you about various aspects of deep-sea diving: the equipment, the safety protocol, the sign language, etc. Listen to them carefully and follow their instructions to the letter.

Safety gear:

Wear the safety gear all the time when you are on the boat. If you decide to go snorkeling while the boat is anchored, you must not jump into the sea without wearing a life jacket. You might be a good swimmer, but you have to wear safety gear before getting into the water.

under water diving equipment

Don’t touch the corals or fish:

It’s a magical world underwater. Touching corals or fish could be a natural response to their beauty, but don’t touch them. Corals are often sharp, and you might end up with cuts that hurt a lot in salty water.

Diving season in Goa:

The diving season in Goa begins in mid-October and continues until mid-April. The visibility underwater is good during this time. Usually, visibility is around 10 meters, which is sufficient to witness the magical water kingdom. One can explore Suzy’s wreck, corals, and different kinds of fish in this visibility. The visibility of the water depends on many factors like wind, tides, footfall of people, etc.; hence, talk to your operator and get the latest updates about underwater visibility.

Different types of dives you can experience in Goa

In Goa, you can experience two kinds of diving: open-water diving and night diving.

Open-water diving is when you explore the depths of water with a trained dive buddy. Scuba diving is also a kind of open water diving; the difference is that in SCUBA, you dive under the direct supervision of a PADI-certified diver, and in open water, you dive with a trained buddy. In open-water diving, one can go deeper compared to SCUBA diving.

In Goa, divers can do wreck diving at the diving spot near Grande Island. In this recreational dive, participants explore the wreckage of a ship, aircraft, etc. The Suzi wreck in Goa is popular among divers.

Night diving is done with a headlamp, as the underwater world is enveloped in darkness at night. It is mandatory to take a night diving course before trying it out. Divers find this kind of diving surreal, as in the midst of darkness they get to see a different kind of underwater world.

Many aquatic species are nocturnal, so the world underwater comes alive at night. Night diving can be arranged for certified divers if approached well in advance, as special permissions are required to conduct such activities.

It's an intriguing world underwater. With proper preparation and by following all the safety norms, you will surely be able to fully experience the thrill of diving and the peaceful water kingdom in depth.

Let’s get set, set, and dive.

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