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Scuba diving and watersports combo in Goa

Scuba diving and Watersports in Goa

Goa is the place that is happening the whole time of the year, and this place is wonderful, no matter the way you look at it. Goa is a true paradise on the Indian western coast, and it is a true coastal gem.

This place is beautiful, whether you look at nature or the beaches. Goa is a place where things are happening, and water sports is a fun sport that goes around in the waters of Goa. Under its beautiful water, a new world is ready to be discovered through water sports and scuba diving. Yes, we are talking about Water Sports in Goa. In this blog, we will be discussing going deep into the waters of Goa and a visit to Goa for Scuba Diving.

Is Goa good for Scuba diving?

Absolutely! Goa is on the coastline of the Arabian Sea, making it a perfect place for scuba diving. Goa has a beautiful coastline, and its rich marine life provides an experience for new or seasoned divers. Whether you are an adventurer or a nature lover, Goa will leave you mesmerized by the sea creatures, coral reefs, exotic fish, and much more. The diving sites are well maintained, and the dive operators are fully qualified for safety.

Water Sports in Goa During Monsoon

During the Monsoon season, Goa is fantastic, and it is a great time to indulge in watersports in Goa. Whitewater rafting, kayaking, and jet skiing are allowed in Goa during the monsoon. The rest of the activities are not allowed because of safety.

Best Places for Scuba Diving in Goa

Grand Island: The Grand Island is the true paradise if you are considering Goa Scuba Diving. The Waters in the area are clear,r for a clear view of corals, sharks, turtles, etc.

Pigeon Island: It is another place for great spot for the best scuba diving in Goa.

Is swimming necessary for scuba diving in Goa?

It is advised that you have the basic skills for Goa Scuba Diving but you don’t have to be an expert swimmer for doing it and you can experience the best scuba diving in Goa just by being a basic swimmer. The Diving instructors will help you with diving deep and always will be there with you during the diving experience. But you should inform the instructors fully about your swimming abilities and don’t hide anything about it.

Best scuba diving in North Goa

Two places for scuba diving in north Goa are:

  1. Suzy’s Wreck: The iconic wreck of a ship and the wreck is covered with coral reefs and is a great site for deep-sea diving in Goa. It is a place for great and diverse marine life.

  2. Coco Beach: This place has shallow water and gentle water currents that are perfect for beginners.

Scuba diving in South Goa

two places for scuba diving in South Goa are:

1. Bat Island: Located nearby to Vasco-Da Gama, Bat Island is known for its clear waters and great marine life. You can encounter great marine creatures like snappers, eels, etc.

2. Davy Jones Locker: This dive site is nearby to Bogmalo Beach and provides a fantastic diving experience. This place has colorful marine life and great corals.

Grand Island Goa

A true gem for scuba diving and water sports in Goa, the Grand Island is a place that is truly a picturesque place that is filled with varied and colorful marine life. You can also do snorkeling or fishing in this place. You can also spot Dolphins.

Goa is filled with places that will provide great water sports and scuba diving experiences that will truly be adventurous experiences. Just get scuba diving in Goa package from us and let the fun of Goa Start.

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