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Abundant Coastline and Beaches: A Haven for Water Games in Goa

Abundant Coastline and Beaches | Explore watersports

Goa is one of the most beautiful and serene holiday destinations in India. This smallest state has a long coastline, which doesn’t fail to mesmerise the tourists, adventure seekers and water games enthusiasts.

The quiet silver sand beaches in South Goa and the happening busy beaches in the North, both have their own charm, therefore when you are here, you must try to explore the state in both directions.

Along with the picturesque beaches, blue sea and the sun, it’s the place for exploring water sports. There is a plethora of options when it comes to water games in Goa. To mention a few; SCUBA diving, Snorkelling, Kayaking, Parasailing, Surfing and the list can go on. The tourists should experience as many aquatic adventures as possible.

Goa's Perfect Conditions for Water Games: Weather and Tides

The perfect conditions for water sports are between Mid-Octobers to Mid-April. During this time of the year water sports enthusiasts travel to Goa to enjoy the thrill. During winter the sea is not choppy, rather the waves are perfect for surfing and the water is ideal for many activities like SCUBA diving, snorkelling, and other water sports. You will be able to explore the beautiful water world by diving into the blue water in this season. Water is clear which increases the underwater visibility. IF you want to catch the best glimpses under water then you must visit Goa at the beginning of the season.

Whichever part of Goa you are in; north goa, south goa or Panjim, you can easily do water sports and there are plenty of water games operators across the state. Without a doubt, Grande Island is the best place to do SCUBA diving in Goa. Only a few operators get permission for diving there and one must ask the name of the scuba site before booking the activity.

Discovering the Underwater World: Scuba Diving in Goa

SCUBA diving is gaining a lot of popularity amongst tourists. Earlier only water sports enthusiasts and adventure junkies used to indulge in diving but these days families too have started heading to Goa to experience the underwater marvels.

To go on diving one needs to be fit and fine and your operators can surely tell you who is allowed to dive and who isn’t. Unless you are a hydrophobic, heart or blood pressure patient, you are good to go diving. The best idea is to talk to your doctor if you have health issues, before you decide to dive into the water.

When you decide to go diving, keep a day separately for it. To be more time effective you may choose to go for a water sport combo that offers you SCUBA as well as some other water sports like; Parasailing, Jet-skiing, banana boat rides, bumper rides etc.

You need to start early morning and arrive at the Jetty. The operators usually share the locations prior for the convenience. At the jetty you will board the boat, which will take you to the diving spot. Explore Water Sports in Goa takes you to the best diving spot i.e. Grande island. Once you arrive here the boat is anchored and the activity begins. While you are waiting for your turn, you may complete other activities that you have booked for.

Scenic Delights and Marine Wonders

The fun begins as the boat starts moving towards the island. You will be accompanied by mild playful breeze and beautiful birds. While you see the beautiful blue sea and the skyline of Goa’s capital city, keep your eyes open for the cute dolphins emerging from water. Yes, you heard it right. Dolphins are pretty visible on the way. They are friendly creatures hence they don’t shy away unless people exhibit unruly behaviour.

Once you wear the SCUBA gear and take a dive as instructed the whole water kingdom is ready to get unfolded in front of your eyes. The sea is shallow here and if you are comfortable diving deep, you may almost touch the seabed.

Remember, you aren’t alone here. Since SCUBA is a buddy activity, your PADI certified diver will accompany you and of course the sea creatures too. One gets to see some colourful fish, some species with different shapes and plants. One must not try to touch the aquatic bodies as it’s not a good idea to disturb them.

Divers often dream of having a good look at corals in the sea, and Goa fulfils that wish of yours. A stretch of coral reefs mesmerises you and leaves a forever imprint on your hearts.

There is was a shipwreck in this part of the sea long ago, and sometimes, operators take you to the site where the wreckage is seen.

Water Games Galore: An Overview of Exciting Activities in Goa

water games| explore watersports

Apart from SCUBA diving there are different kinds of water activities that one can do in Goa. Those who love some slow paced, relaxing time can try doing Kayaking. OF course, Kayaking needs a little stamina for paddling, but once the rhythm is mastered it becomes a surreal experience. Jet Skiing is another exciting activity that gathers a lot of attention from people across the age group. The speeds of cruising around can thrill a person to bits. Banana, Bumper rides are all time favourites and are an integral part of Goa’s water sports culture.

Water Sports Infrastructure in Goa

As Goa is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India, the infrastructure related to tourism and water sports is well developed. Across the state you find jetties to take tourists from their place of stay to the water sport spots. The operators also offer conveyance with prior bookings to make your commute towards the activity spots easy. The boats and equipment used for doing water sports are of good quality and the government makes it sure to maintain the safety standards by visiting boats, diving spots regularly.

Though the government looks after maintaining the infrastructure well, it’s the responsibility of the travellers to be vigilant and check if all the safety norms are being followed. The minimum one can do to ensure their safety is –

  • To wear safety gears when in boat

  • Listen to the instructors carefully, when they orient you about the activity

  • Avoid doing activities when you aren’t physically fit

  • Do not hide health issues from the operators for your own safety

So if you are thinking of exploring the coastal attractions in Goa, or want to witness the water sports culture in the state then you must start planning your trip now.

Explore Watersports

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