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Top 10 water activities to do in Goa | Fun adventures

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Bags packed? Shades and sunscreen on? It’s time to hit the beach as adventure sports in Goa are on.

Let’s dive into it!

Scuba diving

Dive into the sea, swim with the fish, and take a swirl, if you are lucky you will find a pearl. Scuba diving is the crowning jewel of adventure sports in Goa. It’s safe and well guided and supported by PADI certified divers hence also called PADI scuba diving.

Water sports- Combo

Ride a jet ski, do banana boating, or fly high and take a dip doing beach parasailing. Taste a slice of adventure with this amazing water sports combo where fun meets thrill. Available on almost all the popular beaches in Goa.


Serenity on your mind? Kayaking day trips are just of your kind. Go on curated Kayaking trips in rivers, lakes and mystical mangroves and spend time in blue waters surrounded by lotuses, water lilies, birds. Don’t forget to oar out the majestic Sunset.


Wear the gushing gears and let the speedy water take you to highs and lows. This is a perfect photo-opp that you will flaunt on every social media platform.

Bungee jumping

Enjoy a safe free fall from a 56 metre high static podium and tick off that one thing you always had on your bucket list. The jump is completely safe and supervised by certified staff.

Dudhsagar falls and Spice plantation

A dedicated day is mandatory for this one of a kind experience named Dudhsagar waterfalls, Goa. Soak in the beauty of the Dudhsagar waterfalls, Goa and get in the plunge pool. Avail a combo deal and Spice up your day with a tour to a spice garden.

Dolphin spotting

This may not fall into the category of adventure sports in Goa, but the happiness of spotting Dolphins and capturing their super cute jumps can cheer any of your dull days in future. Dolphins are intelligent, cheerful, and friendly with human beings, hence don’t miss the opportunity to experience pure delight.

Yacht party

Book a yacht and the captain will take you to places. Decide how much time you want to cruise and how much you want it to be anchored, plan your party around it and have suave fun that would make your gram wall lit.

Boat Party

Sunset, music and goan food is something everybody looks forward to when in Goa. Board the boat, tap your feet; make new friends while you dance to the beats. Or sit around with a glass of wine, witness the colors in the sky, and feel the breeze on your face.

Wave Surfing

There are some beaches that are perfect for Wave surfing in Goa. They are shallow, the tides are right, and the wind is of proper speed. So just book your surfboard, the trainer and go surfing in the sea. Why should pros have all the fun?

Once all these boxes are ticked, you are ready to explore other dimensions of Goa. Of course, nobody can stop you if you wish to do adventure sports in Goa again!

So eat-sleep-adventure-repeat.


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