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Best Place for Kayaking In Goa

As operators of various water sports, we get to see a lot of trends in our customers responses to various activities. A few years ago, people used to enjoy indulging in various common water games like Banana rides, Bumper rides, Jet skiing, etc. But recent trends show that people want to try different kinds of water activities that involve either some thrill or a sense of personal achievement.

As a result, people have started showing a lot of interest in water sports like Kayaking, Scuba diving, etc. SCUBA diving helps people explore the ocean beds; on the other hand, Kayaking is more of a paddling around, soaking in nature and reflecting on life.

Kayaks were invented by the fishermen in Greenland, who used these narrow boats to paddle easily for fishing in challenging conditions. When motorized boats emerged on the fishing scene, they started using kayaks for recreational activities.

In today’s world, where people find it difficult to find a breather or rhythm in their hectic schedules, Kayaking can come to the rescue. kayaking in north goa not only gives you a much-deserved break from the routine but also rejuvenates you with its magic.

The Thrill of Kayaking in Goa

Imagine yourself floating in a narrow boat, paddling around, exploring mangroves, backwaters, or water bodies full of lotuses and water lilies. You can go solo, or with a companion. The choice is yours. Sometimes, with proper planning, even tandem kayaking can be made possible. So basically, you just have to book your slots in advance, report at the informed spot, get oriented by the instructor, and you are ready to try your hand at kayaking.

Do you remember the feeling of freedom you felt when you learned to balance the bicycle and paddle it down the road? That's the kind of thrill and happiness you can expect when you go Kayaking in Goa.

The Best Kayaking Spot in Goa

Chapora River

An exciting route for beginners, as the channel here is calm and gentle, making it the ideal spot for kayakers. They say Chapora treats kayakers gently, and to experience that, you must paddle in this channel. The greenery around it adds a lot to the visual element. When you want to explore the mysterious Mangrovs, you should come to Chapora.

You will pass through beautifully mystic mangroves in this 95-minute tour through heaven, which will cost you roughly 1600 to 2000 rupees.


When you choose to kayak in Moira, the biggest advantage is its proximity to Candolim. Though this route is in the Chapora River, the monagroovs are visible only on the sides, unlike the Chapora Route, where you pass through the jungle. The scenic value of this route is also on par with the other kayaking spots.

The kayaking experience at Moira takes about 90 minutes, and it costs somewhere between 1600 and 2000 rupees.


The starting point of this route is closer to Candolim, which is a popular place for tourists to stay. This makes it convenient for people to report at the starting point. A lot of birds and aquatic creatures will accompany you on this kayaking tour, too.

A kayaker can spend approximately 60 minutes on this activity here, and we charge 1600 to 2000 rupees.


Mandovi Kayaking is unique in a certain way. In Chapora and Nerul, you get to see mangroves, but in Mandovi, the view is more open and wider. It gives you the feeling of stretching your arms to the huge horizon visible. Paddling through a blended scene of Goa A bit rustic and a little modern. On your kayaking spree, you will be able to see temples and boats in the villages along the way. Not to forget, you will be able to pass by casinos as well.

This 60-minute kayaking tour will cost you 1000 to 1500.

Baga Creek

People know Baga for the beach shacks and the frolicking. But Baga has one of the rarest stretches in the creek where one can do Kayaking in Goa. Usually, Kayaking is done in lakes and rivers, especially where the water is calmer. But Baga Creek complements the requirements of the water activity; hence, one should try Baga Creek Patch when they decide to go Kayaking. It’s the shortest stretch for this sport; therefore, it can be done only in about 20–25 minutes. so ideal for first-timers. Since it’s a short kayaking tour, the kayaking in Goa price is somewhere between 500 and 800 INR.

Sal Backwater

This is one of the best places to go kayaking in South Goa, as it has an exciting cluster of creeks and lagoons. This exotic route has beautiful birds chirping around while some amazing aquatic beings accompany you. Otter spotting could be one of the added excitements in the Sal backwaters.

This mesmerizing kayaking journey takes about 45 to 60 minutes, and the charges are INR 2000 to 2500.

Top 4 Kayaking Tours in Goa

Sunrise Kayaking tour: This is a ride for the early birds who love to wake up early and witness those beautiful colors that gather in the sky when the Sun starts spreading its glory. This tour starts early in the morning and you can see the changing colours of the sky reflecting in the water while. It’s motivating to start a day on such a positive note. If you are an optimist who believes in making the most of every day, this tour is absolutely for you.

Sunset Kayaking Tour: Sunsets look beautiful when seen from boats. If that boat is a narrow kayak, then it’s even better. The kayaking tours are planned in such a way that you are at the right spot to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets ever. This is an ideal tour for couples and those who are in Goa for a honeymoon


Dolphin Spotting Kayak Tour: How about cruising along the channel with dolphins cheering you up? No, it’s not a scene from a movie; that’s what happens when you are cruising on this special route. Dolphins are friendly beings and have a special connection with humans, so if you need to happily paddle around, you should choose a dolphin-spotting kayak.

The Best Time to Go Kayaking

The Best Time to Go Kayaking

Kayaking is one water activity that is on for the whole year. Since it's mostly conducted in rivers and backwaters, the harsh winds and mild showers don’t affect the activities much. Of course, when there is a storm or heavy rainfall, sometimes the kayaking tours get canceled. But if you decide to come to Goa for a monsoon trip and want to do some water activities, then Kayaking is your go-to water sport.

Best Price of Kayaking in Goa:

Customers often ask why the price of kayaking is different at different spots. As you have already read above, the kayaking routes are different; hence, the duration of the kayaking trip and the operation infrastructure required to conduct the activity at every point are different. That’s the reason the price range of kayaking tours is somewhere between 500 and 2500 rupees. These prices also change according to the season, so you must talk to the operator before booking the activity.

There are so many kayaking spots in Goa. Whether you are in South Goa or North Goa, you can indulge in this soothing water activity. So the next time you are in Goa and wish to do kayaking, just type "kayaking in Goa near me" and you will find a list of operators who arrange kayaking tours. You will also find us there. We are ‘Explore Water Sports’. One of the highly rated operators right here is at your service with a plethora of adventure sports in exotic locations in Goa and at a reasonable price.

So whenever you think of Kayaking or any other water or adventure sport, think of us. With us, you are always in Safe hands.

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