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Monsoon Magic: Heritage Walks and water sports in Goa

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Many of us think that the best time to go to Goa is between October and May, as we feel that Goa shuts down to tourists after that. But wait! That’s not right. Of course, many adventure sports aren’t functional during the rainy season, but the monsoon brings a lot of activities that one can do in Goa. It’s the best time to explore the cultural and historical side of Goa by going on heritage walks and trails.

1. Campal Heritage Walk: Immerse in Goa’s Heritage amidst the Monsoon Splendour

Campal is a neighborhood located on the island of Tiswadi. This area houses Kala Academy, where you can find an interesting open-air auditorium. The place hosted an international film festival a few years ago. An architecture college is also situated here since the place itself has beautiful buildings, landscapes, and even some old statues. When you go on the Campal heritage walk, your knowledgeable guide will introduce the heritage sites to you and explain to you how they have contributed to the cultural makeup of Goa.

2. Tales of the Rain: Exploring Divar Island's Heritage and Monsoon Adventures

Divar Island is one of the islands in the river Mondovi in the state of Goa. Though the name suggests that it’s a small island, one should hire or have their own vehicle to explore it, as walking or cycling isn’t feasible. Divar is known for its natural beauty, as the whole island looks emerald if seen from a drone. Some ruins of the old world, some famous churches, and some temples attract pilgrims and people interested in exploring old architecture. A well-informed guide would be able to bring the ruins and monuments alive; hence, it’s advisable to be part of guided trails or heritage walks when in Divar.

The island also attracts a lot of nature lovers, as it has a variety of birds. If you are lucky, you can also spot an alligator or two, which could be your adventure sport in Goa during the monsoon.

3. Chandor Heritage Trail: Discovering South Goa's Rich History amid Monsoon Bliss

Chandor is a city in Goa. This city was known as Chandrapura and played a significant role in history by serving as the capital of the Bhoja and Kadamba dynasties. Some temples and the remains of historical monuments take visitors back to the ancient, prosperous city of Chandrapura. Chandor has remains that highlight ancient and modern history. You’ll also be able to hear the story of a ‘Queen’s curse’ and how men leave the village before marrying.

4. Rain-soaked Reminiscence: Embarking on an Old Goa Heritage Walk in the Monsoon

During the peak season, Goa is so crowded that we are often walking among the hordes of tourists, which doesn’t give us the opportunity to explore places like old Goa. With such beautiful churches and varied flavors of culture, one should have some time to absorb the beauty and peace. This absorption is possible during the monsoon when the tourists are comparatively fewer and you don’t need to rush through these heritage buildings.

Old Goa is one of the most visited places in the state. A soulful amalgamation of history, religion, and culture can be noticed in this part of Goa. One can visit many churches that are architectural masterpieces. Old Goa is famous for the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which contains relics of St. Francis Xavier. It’s a place for pilgrimage and has also been on the list of world heritage sites declared by UNESCO.

The old Goa heritage walk is special, as when you walk around with your guide, you will not only listen to the stories of the places but also experience the spiritual, mystic side of Goa.

5. Aguada Port and Jail: Tracing Goa's Maritime Legacy amidst the Monsoon Showers

This is one of the most popular spots people, especially youngsters, love visiting. This place looks divine on the backdrop of the rather eventful sea. One can surely find picture-perfect weather and your gram accounts will be absolutely flooded with your picture-perfect moments when on Aguada port and jail heritage walk.

Long after India got its independence, Goa was still fighting for freedom from Portuguese invaders. Aguada trail unfolds the stories of the Goan freedom struggle. While you go back in time, listening to the stories of the valor and persistence of freedom fighters, the beauty of the Arabian Sea tags along.

6. Night-time Charms: Aguada Night Heritage Walk in the Monsoon Season

The nights come alive and so does history when it comes to the heritage walk at Aguada.

Monuments look enchanted when the night casts a spell on them. This trail is perfect for those who love to go on long walks in the dark. The 400-year-old monument looks different at night. Listen to the journey of this port and understand how the lower part of it was turned into a prison. The sea of darkness makes its presence felt by the sound of waves. It’s an immersive experience to listen to the stories of overturning the power of a dictator to bring the light of freedom.

7. Monsoon Thrills: Water Sports and Adventure Activities to Amp up the Rainy Season in Goa

During monsoon scuba diving at Grande Island doesn’t happen and the same is with other adventure sports in Goa. But did you know that some water activities like Kayaking and flyboarding are on even during the rainy season?

Though the sea is rough, rivers and backwaters are still fine to host water game enthusiasts. Kayaking tours are perfect for a calming weekend. Different routes can be explored as suggested by experts even during rain. Goa goes greener in this season, the clouds play hide and seek and add to the charm of the landscape. One feels like cruising through a postcard while kayaking. For honeymooners, couple kayaking is a romantic and exciting activity for sure.

Flyboarding also takes place when it’s not pouring cats and dogs. Since the sunlight isn’t harsh during rainy days, fly-boarding becomes more soothing. A drenched horizon that one can see from the boat while waiting for the turn can surely bring out a poet within. One must plan to do this activity with a friend group as this adventure is best enjoyed when your friends are watching you flying on the force of water.

Unforgettable Memories: with Explore Water Sports

So, now you know that Goa has a lot to offer you even during monsoon as there is no rain-break for this tourist’s paradise. Apart from the listed ones, you can also do many fun activities like bar hopping or food trails.

The activities mentioned above can be curated for a group or a solo traveler considering their choices. Arranging experiences when booked in advance is easier as most activities need a knowledgeable, enthusiastic storyteller.

It’s time for you to get drenched in the rain while you are soaking in the stories of this smallest state of India.

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