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Romantic Escapes: Goa Tour Packages for Couples and Honeymooners

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Goa honeymoon packages /Explore water sports

Destination weddings are quite popular these days. Picturesque sea shores often provide the perfect backdrop when people tie a nuptial knot. Goan terrain is an absolute favourite amongst couples as there is magic in the air of this tiny green state.

The much-needed privacy that couples look for is bountiful if Goa. Don’t be under the impression that all the beaches in Goa are crowded and it’s difficult to get the ‘we time’. Many parts of Goa are still untouched and many beaches still look like private beaches as people rarely visit them.

So whether you want to ‘pop the question’ or want to be here on honeymoon, you have the perfect weather, ambience and much-needed privacy.

Goa Tour Packages for Couples:

Mostly the packages offered to couples are tailor-made. No two couples are the same hence after talking to them operators suggest stays as per their budget and preferences. Right from some modest stays to star villas, everything is available in Goa. Whether you want to stay at a luxury resort or want to put up at a beachfront accommodation is totally your choice. Some Private Villas also come with the staff that can cook and clean for you. Since they are available only when called, your privacy too doesn’t get compromised.

Some suave villas also arrange beauty as well as spa services for the couples. Since these are verified professionals it’s safe to avail services from them.

Some travel consultants also arrange a candle-lit dinner on the beach under a canopy, which feels surreal. Imagine a breezy evening, the sun is setting and you are sitting with your beloved under a decorated canopy. Isn’t that everyone wishes for when it comes to a romantic dinner?

The special honeymoon packages offer a plethora of exciting activities to couples, for that instead of a Couples packages you should choose Honeymoon packages.

Goa Honeymoon Packages:

Honeymoon packages not only offer the stay and food but they also provide some activities for couples as part of the package. Most couples have certain goals. Considering those goals some unique activities are planned.

Couple scuba diving: PADI-certified divers safely take couples for diving. Many couples who have done scuba diving together felt that it was one of the best memories that they would cherish forever. The couple of photographs clicked underwater are endearing. One may research some cute poses for couples underwater while planning the honeymoon tour in Goa.

Some romantic surprises can be arranged underwater for partners, creating lasting memories. For such surprises, one of the members of the couple has to plan ahead and talk to the operator so that they can set everything up for you.

Scuba diving is done at Grande Island, which is known as the best place for scuba diving in Goa.

Sunset Kayaking: Kayaking isn’t always a solo activity. There are kayaks that are meant for couples. Going on Sunset Kayaking with your better half will lead a couple to happy hormone secretion within no time.

Couple Private Boat Party: Some couples prefer to sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company. For such love birds, a private boat party is perfectly suitable. Board the boat, have a couple of drinks, enjoy dinner while the boat is taking you around, and return feeling ecstatic. If your budget is high then you may even hire a private yacht to add some glamour to the moment and enjoy Goa Honeymoon Packages.

The activities don’t end here for adventurous souls; a couple of bungee jumping, hot air balloon tours, and Paragliding too can be explored.

Activities for honeymooners:

Sometimes you may not choose certain activities as part of a package but you might book those individually. Some highly recommended activities are listed here Kayaking in Goa: Kayaking is done in various ways. There are various routes for Kayaking in rivers and Sal backwaters. Talk to the operator and choose the most suitable route for yourself. All the routes available are scenic and you may choose, morning tours to witness the morning sky or the Sunset tours that add a romantic vibe.

Full moon Kayaking, Kayaking in the Sea, and Customizskiinged Kayaking tours for honeymooners are arranged if you plan ahead. For such special tours extra planning and permissions are required hence book your romantic kayaking experience well in advance.

Water Games in Goa: Playfulness is often the least explored aspect of relationships. Couples too tend to ignore the dimensions of their relationship. We give you an opportunity to indulge together in some fun-filled beach water sports like jet ski, banana riding, bumper riding, etc.

Couples can giggle together when the parachute takes them up in the sky while doing parasailing. When you talk to the operator, all these activities could be bought together as a package. You may also ask for a couple of discounts.

Bungee jumping: Some couples aren’t lovey-dovey. They prefer to do something that will give them an adrenaline rush. Such couples can explore Couple Bungee Jumping where you get to jump together. There are certain weight restrictions for this, but most couples fit the criteria. Those who have done a couple of bungee jumping have observed their bond growing stronger as they explored this extreme sport with each other’s support. Activity that boosts the foundation of your relationship should be explored, shouldn’t it?

Just remember that every couple is different, you have to identify your preferences and inform the operator so that he can curate an unforgettable trip for you. From candlelight dinners to adventure sports. From an upmarket villa to a five-star property, Goa has everything that can add lots of love and charm to your honeymoon.

So when are you coming to Goa for a Romantic walk on the beach?

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