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Everything you need to know about Kayaking in North Goa

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Kayaking in North Goa

Are you also an adventure freak who loves to experience water sports in goa that can boost your adrenaline level?

Also, if you are planning to visit Goa for a holiday then, this article is for you.

We all are aware of how much beautiful and aesthetic aquatic waters Goa has with it as its pristine assets. There are several water sports carried for the tourists in such water bodies so that they fulfill all their adventure-filled desires and take a bag full of thrilled memories along with them.

In this article, we will be discussing one such popular water sport that should surely be on your bucket list during your visit to Goa and that is 'kayaking'.

Kayaking in Goa is a perfect water sports activity where a mediocre-sized narrowboat moves across the waves of the water bodies near the beach and involves the usage of double-layered paddles as well. It gives you a beautiful and mesmerizing experience of moving in your kayak through waves while interacting with nature.

Benefits of Kayaking

Now, you would have always understood water sport activity such as kayaking as a simple adventurous sports activity however, it has some unbelievable advantages in terms of both physical and mental health that will uplift your body and senses during your trip out of your everyday hectic work life.

Physical Health benefits

  • Workout - Since kayaking involves a good amount of paddling it enables movement of your arms, shoulders, back, etc.

  • Enhanced energy - After kayaking the day you will feel energized the entire day due to rigorous body movements

  • Elevates the balancing sense organs - Kayaking enables good coordination while paddling between your arms and brain.

Mental health benefits

  • Evokes positive thoughts - After having an experience full of thrills and adventure you will feel an unbelievable positivity in your aura.

  • "Winner" feeling - After completing your kayaking task safely with immense courage to undergo such an adventurous task will make you feel like a winner.

  • Releases your stress to a great extent - With a hectic day of traveling and roaming through the beaches all your travel exertion can be wiped off after doing kayaking as your mind will be directed towards this fun activity.

Why Choose North Goa for Kayaking?

From all the above-stated information we can understand the importance of not missing out on kayaking while visiting Goa.

But, this much information is not enough to make your experience even more excellent and memorable. So, it's quite notable for you to know that Kayaking in North Goa will offer you such an amazing experience that will be worth the worthwhile.

Some of the pointers explaining this thing as a shred of evidence are:

1. An out-of-the-world view- Now, you can say that it's something special about the northern part of Goa which throws some sort of extra beauty in terms of beautiful beaches with an aesthetic open sky view, cliffs, caves that are hidden, etc. An aggregate of all this is sure to provide you with the best kayaking experience ever.

2. See beautiful marine life creatures- The amount of sea creatures you will witness on the beaches of North Goa is such that it will be a treat for your eyes and soul. This quirky experience will surely add up to your experience in an unexpected way.

3. Beautiful backwaters- The beautiful range of beautiful backwaters will keep the memory stored in your mind forever.

Best Places to Visit in North Goa for Kayaking

Chapora River

Chapora River is a very popular destination famous for kayaking in Goa. Its peaceful water and beautiful surroundings make it an outstanding place for kayaking. It will force you to experience amazing activities while enjoying the natural charm of the area. Make your way through the serene surroundings, as you will find yourself in the sights and the melody sound of the picturesque location.

Chapora Rivers will provide you with the most unforgettable experience with the joy of kayaking with the enchanting charm of Goa's landscape. It will give you a chance to explore the hidden caves and enjoy the fascinating charm of the area.

Mandovi River

This river will provide you with the diverse experience of kayaking as it is a large and very charming river. It will also give you the experience of relaxed paddling. You can enjoy the perfect view of the landscape, ancient sights, and some crazy and unbelievable experiences of wildlife on the way.

It's advisable to enjoy your journey here with an experienced guide and follow all the safety measures for making your kayaking experience enjoyable on this beautiful river.

Sal Backwaters

Exploring the most amazing place Sal Backwaters in Goa. Here kayaking offers an enchanting experience that smoothly blends your adventure. It will glide you to the lovely waterways, you will be welcomed by a group of mangrove trees that will shine in the water, which will amaze you with an unforgettable mirror-like effect experience.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert kayaker the Sal Backwaters will summon you with its beautiful scenery, making it an irresistible place for the ones who want the most different and beautiful Kayaking experience in Goa.

Nerul River

Exploring the Nerul River in Goa through kayaking ensures you a wonderful experience that will add beautiful scenery and its local culture. As you move along the mesmerizing waterways, you will be welcomed by the picturesque vistas that coherently blend mangroves, forests, quaint villages, and a view of the traditional life of Goa.

Kayaking along the Nerul River in Goa is a wonderful experience that blends the exploration, and cultural touch, making it a great option for those looking for a truly amazing experience

Baga River

Baga River in Goa is without a doubt the most famous spot for kayaking in Goa. Its peaceful and breathtaking water will make it a great place for kayaking lovers to get an experience of this activity to enjoy the activity and grant a wonderful natural setting.

Nestled in the heart of the enchanting coastal state of Goa. This river is just like heaven for kayaking lovers gliding into the beautiful water scenery, surrounded by the evergreen beauty and gentle rustling of palm trees.

Best Time for Kayaking in North Goa

The Best time for kayaking in North Goa is during the winter months, from November to February. At this time the weather is cooler and the sea is very calm. Also, the monsoon season from June to September is very good weather, especially for those who are adventurous and experienced kayakers.

However, the summer season i.e. from March to May is less preferable due to very high temperatures and strong currents. The temperature of Goa during these days is very humid which is not an appropriate condition for kayaking in Goa. It will be less comfortable during this season. It's recommended to refer to early morning or late afternoon to avoid heat waves.

Essential Kayaking Gears and Safety Precautions

Before going Kayaking you should have proper gear which is very necessary.

Important Gears

1. Spray skirt - This is a very important piece of equipment that covers the cockpit of the kayak, this prevents the water from coming out from you and keeps you dry.

2. Helmet - While paddling in harsh water, the helmet plays an important role in protecting your head from injury.

3. Paddle leash - If the paddle accidentally slips from your hand in such a situation paddle leash plays an important role by preventing your paddle from floating away.

4. Navigation devices - Devices such as GPS, compass, and charts can be helpful that can guide you throughout your ride

As we enjoy doing Kayaking activities, water sports safety should also be considered. These precautions can prevent you from accidents.

Safety precautions

1. Stay hydrated and sun protected - You should carry a proper amount of water to keep your body hydrated and must use good sunscreen, sunglasses, and proper clothing for sun protection.

2. Always wear a properly fitting life jacket - PFD is essential for your safety while kayaking.

3. Ensure waist strap - The waist strap should be tied. The jacket should not flow up when you move your hand above your head.

4. Knowledge of basic navigation - One should always have a basic knowledge of navigation such as a compass or GPS.

5. Be visible - Always refer to wearing shiny or brighter clothes so that other boaters can see you while riding.


Overall it's quite wise to say that a rational man needs just a direction. So, don't miss out on the experience of kayaking in North Goa at all to add a kick to your bucket list that goes with your life forever.

Have a safe kayak and enjoy!

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