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Top 7 Affordable Tour Packages for Goa for a Memorable Vacation

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Introduction: Planning an Unforgettable Vacation in Goa on a Budget

When you decide to go to Goa with a group, you surely wish to make it memorable. Apart from beautiful beaches and serene city-scape, food and steal deals in water sports and stays can add a lot of charm to your trips. Operators can often help you get affordable accommodation in Goa, hence while you inquire about the packages, try to find a good deal on your stay too.

To bag such deals and offers on sightseeing and water sports one has to know about different activities that happen in Goa. For water babies, there are a plethora of water sports available. For culture buffs, Goa has heritage walks and museum visits, and for those who want to explore the Goan cuisine, food trails at your service.

Now different people in the group may have different interests, here is when you can ask the operators to offer you some good combo packages. Usually, the operators who conduct water sports also hold activities like heritage walk, food trail, adventure sports (bungee jumping) and jungle safaris. It’s better to discuss with the operator about your interests and you will get a curated package that fits your taste and bills.

Factors to Consider: Choosing the Right Affordable Goa water sports package

There are many aspects one has to think about when planning vacations. Finding out good deals, combos and packages is the most time-consuming. Here are a few factors that one should consider when choosing the right package.

Time: People often come to Goa with only enough time in their hands therefore utilising that time to do more activities is vital. If you decide to do individual activities is time-consuming therefore it’s better to choose the right package. Since the same operator provides different activities, it becomes time and cost-effective. Forex. If you choose a water sports package along with scuba diving, then by the time you finish your water sports, you get your turn for SCUBA, and vice versa.

Budget: If one decides to book activities individually then the money you end up paying is a lot. To save some bucks it’s a good idea to book for package deals. Sometimes people end up booking with operators that are giving deals at a very low price, but remember that money paid and the service, go hand in hand. People often try to save money and regret later because of bad service given by the operators. so don’t fall into the trap of cutting the corners.

Operator: It’s of prime importance that the operator who you are booking with is professional and has a knack of creating and executing excellent packages. To check the authenticity of the operator, one should check the Google ratings. Try booking with operators who are rated 4.5 and above.

Location: Though Goa is the tiniest state of India, it has two different parts popular amongst tourists; North Goa and South Goa. Both the parts are extremely beautiful and tourist keep visiting Goa to explore those. When you book your stays for your vacation, you should try to do the activities that are done closer to your stay. This saves a lot of time in commuting and one can indulge in more activities. Some activities take place only in North Goa, hence one should plan accordingly.

Health: All the activities done here are completely entertaining, but some of them are a bit more rigorous than the others. IF you have any health conditions, it's better to talk to the family doctor before booking adventure sports packages. Health related issues like blood pressure, heart disease etc. may stop you from doing the extreme sports. One should do those only with doctor’s permission. Also, do not forget to tell the operator about your health issues before finalizing your booking. Pregnant women aren’t allowed to do any activities.

Children: Families often travel with children and unless they are above 10 years, they aren't allowed to do any water sports. If you too are traveling with kids, it’s better to talk to the operator and know for what all activities your child can accompany you. Activities like Scuba Diving aren’t for children below 10 years but they can accompany parents, or guardians on the boat. Also, remember to carry government-issued ids if your children are above 10 and want to do water sports.

Tour Packages for Goa

Here are some packages that you may think o when traveling with family or a group.


Package 1:

Beach Bliss on a Budget: This package has all the basic water sports that people usually enjoy, and flyboarding that kicks in a lot of adrenaline.

Combo: Water sports {Jet ski, banana ride, bumper ride, speed boat & parasailing} + Flyboarding)

Required time : 2 + hours

Package 2:

Goa's Heritage Highlights: Goa isn’t just about beaches and parties. It has an impressive cultural heritage that reflects in its architecture and cuisine. You can move around the city with professional storytellers and enjoy the traces of history and culture around you. Food trails too are more than exciting as you go on exploring some scrumptious dishes that you may not have tasted ever.

Package 3:

Thrills in the Waves: Some people just love to ride the waves. They love to explore the water in an adventurous way hence they choose to go surfing, kite surfing or beach Kayaking. This package is for those who wish to explore water in a more spontaneous way.

Combinations to choose from: (Surfing + Standup Paddle boarding, Kite Surfing + Beach kayaking, Rafting + Speed Boat Ride)

Time required: Approximately 5 to 6 hours

Package 4:

Nature's Retreat: Forests and Wildlife- If you feel like going off long trails or want to take a dip in the plunge pool of one of the magnificent waterfalls then this package is for you. It’s a budget-friendly, day long tour in Goa that drenches people in happiness. The spice plantation visit included in this package doesn’t fail to surprise people. This little excursion brings us closer to our spices.

Combinations to choose from: Dudhsagara + spice plantation, Jungle stay + Dudhsagar Waterfall visit + spice plantation, Visit to Bondla wildlife sanctuary, Havlem waterfall Visit

Package 5:

Historic Goa on a Budget : Those who love to re-live history by visiting places can transport themselves into different historic eras by opting for this package. The guide will keep you engaged by telling interesting information related to Goa history and you will walk down the history lane.

Combo: Village saunter+ Old Goa heritage walk

Package 6:

Goa's Culinary Delights: Affordable Foodie Tours: Wherever foodies go, they can’t stop themselves from trying out the local, traditional food. Goan food is one of its kind. The Portuguese influence on the food that one can taste in The Latin Quarter. The professional story teller will not only take you to taste Feni (the local liquor) but also help you in trying out different dishes.

Activity: Visit to the Latin Quarter, Panaji for a Feni & Tapas tour

Time required: A few hours in the evening

Package 7:

Exploring water Goa: This is the most popular package among tourists. Scuba Diving cost in Goa depends on which month you are visiting. If diving is clubbed with water sports and bought as a combo package then the price gets reasonable. Goa has a lot to explore underwater and one must do scuba diving here. You can see the wreckage of a ship, corals, and hundreds of beautiful aquatic species at Grande Island.

Combinations to choose from: Scuba + Water sports Combo package, Scuba + Deltin casino Entry Ticket, Scuba + Snorkelling Package)

Memories with Affordable Tour Packages in Goa

When you choose tour packages in Goa as a solo traveler, couples, or groups wisely, your vacation becomes delightful. Nobody wants to spend money unnecessarily, so it’s better to sit and plan tours mindfully. Cost-effective sightseeing is possible in Goa with all the above-mentioned package deals. Imagine going on such a well-planned, affordable vacation in Goa and positively boasting about it later.

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